Belgian solo LP's '70ties & '80ties .

Shaved Fish - John Lennon 1975 Apple EMI Belgium 4C 062-05987

shaved fish shaved fish shaved fish label


Back To The Egg - Wings 1979 4C 064-62799

back to the egg back to the egg Back to the egg


Mind Games - John Lennon 1981 Sounds Superb 4M036-05491

mind games lp mind games mind games label


Ringo - Ringo Starr 1981 MFP Belgium 4M 026-05492

ringo ringoLP ringolabel


Dark Horse - George Harrison 1981 MFP Belgium 4M 026-05774

dark horse dark horselp dark horse


Rock n' Roll - John Lennon 1981 MFP Belgium 4M036-05834

rocknroll rocknroll rock n roll label


The Best of George Harrison - George Harrison (B side) + The Beatles (A side)

1982 MFP Belgium 4M 036-06249

best of george harrison best of george harrison

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